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Why should I optimise my CV?

The fact is, regardless of  what you do,  your CV will be, without doubt,  the single most important aspect of you being successful when job hunting.  

Your CV provides the first impression for prospective employers and it needs to be right.

Statistically, the average time a prospective employer spends looking at a CV is between 10 to 15 seconds.  If your CV doesn’t attract a favorable first impression, your chance of succeeding are instantly reduced by 88%

Your CV is essentially your personal marketing tool…

Within the highly competitive world of the job hunting, the risk of a poor CV is not one you can afford to take.  At Kromas Recruitment we witness first-hand some of the best candidates failing to secure interviews because of a poor CV with the most basic mistakes.

• Poor layout and bad presentation
• Lack of clarity
• Overwritten or too little information
• Punctuation and grammar
• Unprofessional typeface

You can be the leading expert in your chosen discipline, but if this is not correctly conveyed in your CV, you immediately disadvantage yourself and risk any job application being dismissed and discarded. 

Led by our own research we have the proven techniques to address many of the common problems, we can enhance your CV to produce something that stands out from the rest.

What do we return?

Kromas Recruitment will return both a Microsoft Word and PDF version of your optimised CV.  This provides an editable version which you can amend and add to as your experience grows and you develop professionally.  

We also provide our research led guide to successful CV writing.

Turnaround time

The usual turnaround time for our CV optimisation service is up to 72 hours, with all documents provided via e-mail once payment has been received and processed.