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Want to Build a Talented Workforce? Partner with a Specialist Recruitment Firm

25th March 2015

Want to Build a Talented Workforce? Partner with a Recruitment Firm Specializing in Oil and Gas Jobs

The dramatic growth in the energy sector has increased the demand for skilled professionals. In their search for talented professionals, oil and gas, and renewable energy companies have found the assistance of specialist recruitment firms to be invaluable. Simultaneously, individuals aspiring for an oil and gas career have also found a solution to narrow down their job search and avoid any risk of mismatching their qualifications and skills to job openings.

What is a specialist recruitment firm?

A specialist recruitment firm offers its services to a specific marketplace. It focuses on and is concerned only with an industry niche. For candidates seeking oil and gas jobs, such a recruitment service will connect them to a vast group of potential employers in the energy sector. For employers, the firm is a one-stop source to meet turnover needs by quickly filling up renewable or wind turbine jobs in their organization flexibly. But hold on, don't generic recruitment firms also provide the same service? Well, they do but their focus is wider, and they cater to more than one – sometimes several – industry niches mostly through online job boards.

Should you partner with a specialist or generic recruitment firm?

A specialist recruitment firm can serve companies in the oil, gas and renewable energy sector better than their generic counterparts.

A better understanding of candidates' and employers' oil and gas job needs

The niche focus of a specialist recruitment firm means that it has a good understanding of job seekers and companies. Even better if the firm has a couple of years of industry experience. An experienced specialist recruiter doesn't just have a context about your industry, but an in-depth understanding and first-hand experience dealing exclusively with  renewable energy jobs as well as the recruitment pain points of your industry. It is better-positioned to interpret your requirements and correctly identify what your business is missing. A niche focus also affords a better understanding of the unique culture and dynamics of the energy sector, including historic and current trends, and extending to the kind of products or services oil, gas and renewable energy customers seek.

A specialist recruitment firm is also well-poised to analyze the options of candidates seeking oil and gas careers. Besides introducing candidates to vacancies immediately available in the industry, the firm can also make intelligent judgments on the suitability of candidates to the available roles. For you, the employer, it translates into an accurate matching of the job to the right candidate.

When you engage the services of a specialist recruitment firm, you can rest assured that it is finding complementary candidate-job pairs based on a natural understanding and appreciation for your needs, as opposed to just matching points on your checklist superficially with the qualifications, experience and other details on candidates' CVs. The focus moves from making a sale to identifying the perfect candidates for open/vacant solar energy jobs.

Access to a pool of more relevant candidates

Energy companies often complain that, more than half of the time, mainstream/non-specialist recruitment firms present unsuitable candidates for oil and gas jobs. Most demonstrate a preference for quality of candidates to quantity when reviewing recruitment firms. The objective, of course, is to find the best individual for the particular solar or renewable energy job, which is possible only if you have a database of relevant candidates to begin with. If the specialist recruitment firm caters only to candidates with experience in the renewable energy or oil and gas industry, or qualifications that make them worthy of consideration for a piping engineer, document control or process engineering job, you can access an exclusive database of relevant, quality CVs.

Faster speed of recruitment

Besides quality of hire and recruiting costs, speed of hire is an important recruitment metric. Also, costs, speed and quality are closely linked. Faster processes often result in better quality candidates, and most of the time, at lower costs. BCG/WFPMA analysis indicates that better-performing companies move 1.6 times faster from the opening of a job position to approving that position.

A specialist recruitment firm leverages its industry knowledge and access to candidates in order to fill vacancies quickly and accurately. It can be your go-to provider of quality candidates whenever your company wants to fill up urgent renewable energy jobs.

In what other ways can a recruitment firm help you find professionals seeking an oil and gas career?

  • Decrease your job advertisement costs

  • Market your company to attract talented candidates

  • Save you the time, cost and resources you would have otherwise spent on recruitment

  • Leverage its network of available workers for 'immediate start', 'urgent solar energy jobs' or seasonal recruitment needs

New technologies, the responsibility to run environmentally-conscious and efficient operations, and expanding international exploration efforts pose both opportunities and challenges for companies in the energy sector. By assisting with your organization's greatest asset – its workforce – a specialist recruitment firm can help you maintain smooth operations and sharpen your competitive edge.

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